Welcome to DPPS

DPPS supplies anything from small single cell robotic projects to turnkey, totally integrated factory automation systems. All our systems can be outfitted with our INFINITE™ control system, that combines all system components into our web-based control and monitoring system. Our team of experienced engineers and well-trained technicians will be available to assist with any application, while our after sales support is second to none and available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our solutions are designed with you the customer in mind. They all have one thing in common and that is that they are simple in design and operation. They are designed based on your needs, in a way that is very cost effective and allows for a fast delivery. We are committed to assisting customers worldwide with their unique needs by providing them with comprehensive, value-added solutions and professional service. We accomplish this by having all our solutions run on the same platform, and having the best trained service force, which advises and assists customers in a full range of automation solutions.

To have basic knowledge of general concepts refer to the Top Menu -> About -> FAQ page. There you will find simple answers to the following questions:

– What’s Industry 4.0?

– What is Automation?

– What is Industrial Automation and which is its purpose?

You can also write us and send your questions related with these topics to suggest future post. It is always a pleasure to work for meeting your expectations!