Be strong, control your destiny!

Be strong vs coronavirus

The first four months of 2020 are almost in the books, and no they have not gone as planned.

Like most businesses the plan was to grow and execute our growth plan, scale up based on this plan, and have another great year.

And this all started great, but then BOOM! Covid-19 hit. And BOOM! Oil prices went down the drain.

So now, all plans in the shredder, tighten up our seat-belts and hang on for dear life?

Or not?

Yes, sales are drying up, and scaling up is put on hold. But what about all our other plans? We were going to automate more of our processes, create new products, update our facility and tools, train our people?

We decided to move ahead with this, and not sit and wait for everything to turn around. We cannot control this virus, neither the people that are in charge of the response to it.

But we can control our destiny, and we will work hard during this time to make sure our destiny is bright, and full of excitement.

We are adding new processes, products and are upgrading our facility. Spent time and money on new machinery and training. And we will continue to serve our customers during these times, and will be even able to better serve them during the days, months and years ahead.

As a team we have decided to take control, and to utilize this period to become even better.

We are controlling our destiny, how about you?