Our Standard Customized Solutions

DPPS supplies anything from small single cell robotic projects to turnkey, totally integrated factory automation systems. All our systems are outfitted with Yaskawa Motoman or Fanuc Robots to ensure the latest requirements in regard to safety; and can be integrated to our INFINITE™ control system, that combines all system components into our web-based control and monitoring system. Our solutions include, but are not limited to, the following equipment: palletizers, de-palletizers, robotic material handling, pick and place, case packaging machines, conveyor systems, and totally integrated factory automation. Plus, all robot cells utilize only readily available, non-proprietary parts.

Our solutions are designed with you the customer in mind. They all have one thing in common and that is that they are simple in design and operation. They are designed based on your needs, in a way that is very cost effective and allows for a fast delivery. DPPS have developed a complete line of products for Industry 4.0, that is 100% customizable and scalable. Don't go with an “off the shelf” system, universal software and hardware solutions will hide your company's identity while getting into the Industry 4.0. Although our past projects cover a full range of automation solutions we specialize and have expertise in the below:

  • Full System Integration.
  • SCADA Systems.
  • Process Controls and Automation Services.
  • Robotic material handling.
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Product Features

Integrates with INFINITE apps & maximize features. Allows to view your automated system through a configurable dashboard, and stay up to date on process and problems, while away from the machinery and or plant.

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